Sep. 30th, 2004

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My Coven Brother, Chris sent the following message to the Covenant of the Goddess distribuion list. It is so eloquent I wanted to share it in its entirety.

The message follows:

Brothers and Sisters of the Covenant,

I bring sad news from Northern Dawn Local Council and Paganistan.

Jim Runnels, a long time member of the Covenant, and my good friend and coven mate in Brothers of the Key passed away today. Jim, was known sometimes as "Mad Dog" and "Moon Dog." I hope many of you remember meeting him at Merry Meet in 1997 or 2002.

Jim was active in Northern Dawn Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess, the Twin Cities CUUPs chapter, and was a central participant in the Minnesota Omphalos Pagan Community Center project. Jim was one of the three men who created the group which led to the founding of our men's coven, the Brothers of the Key. Jim also worked with Stewardship of the Self, a small group inspired by the Reclaiming Tradition.

Jim had been diagnosed with a serious brain tumor in December of 2002, and after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, Jim was in full remission for much of the past year.

Over the past few months, his balance and independence had been suffering and this was being exacerbated by a hydrocephalic condition, otherwise known as water on the brain. Two weeks ago he went into surgery intended to relieve this condition. A day or two later, he slipped into a comatose state from which he apparently could not return.

He passed away Monday, September 27, 2004, holding the hands of his wife and eldest child.

For those in our region, or wishing to contribute to the healing of his family and community, memorial services will be held at the Cremation Society of Minnesota on Saturday, October 2, 2004, co-led by Unitarian and Pagan clergy. There will be visitation at 9:00 a.m. followed by the memorial at 10:00 a.m. The Cremation Society of Minnesota is at 7110 France Avenue South in Edina, Minnesota.

Jim will be greatly missed by our entire community.

Please remember our brother this Samhain.


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