Sep. 26th, 2004


Sep. 26th, 2004 09:46 pm
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The Minneapolis BS crowd moved another one of our own today. We are all tired, sweaty and crabby. At least those around me were. We all grunted, lifted, pushed, strained, and we got the job done.

We've all gone home eaten dinner and are now relaxing after finishing the fourth move this summer.

No workout today except the beating I got from all those boxes, mattresses, and other stuff.
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Most of you may not know that I am a member of a men-only coven. (In addition to membership in Raven Star.) The group was formed about seven years ago and I joined about 5 years ago. We call ourselves, "Brothers of the Key" and we are the only male, non-gay coven in the Covenant of the Goddess (COG). Several of us, myself included, have been national officers of COG during the past several years. Two of the members are bi and the the only gay member moved away earlier this year. It is an interesting mix of men.

One of the founding members is dieing. He is in a coma and the medical professionals have just disconnected him from all life support, saying there is nothing more they can do for him. Two years ago he blacked out while driving his car and woke up in surgery to remove a brian tumor. He has been in recovery ever since. He became a different person. Often confused, sometimes belligerent, and he has had difficulty after difficulty until this recent development.

I am very sad. He is/was a bright spirit in our group, and often a pain in the ass to all of us. But, loved for his joy of living and his exceedingly high standards.

He will be missed when he passes. Our coven will be forever different, but blessed for his eternal spirit.


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