Sep. 25th, 2004

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I need to gloat. A week ago I was asked by the President of my company to make a presentation this past Wednesday. He didn't tell me that I would be following him and the Legal VP. We were addressing a large group of investment professionals who we depend on for their client's pension business. And I was to explain my new position as Relationship Manager. I used to be in marketing, working with those same investment professionals.

In short, my presentation was perfect, appropriate humor, and conveyed necessary information. Many kudos followed.

This week I received a nasty-gram from an accountant who works for the CPA firm used by one of our clients. He made a mistake, we made a mistake. He berated us for billing his/our client for the additional time necessary to correct our error. In reality, we incurred additional time charges because of his error, not ours and, we did not bill any additional time. We billed only the amount agreed to in our engagement letter, not one penny more.

I responded to his letter without venom and delivered it myself. I met with the guy and explained what had actually occurred. I wanted to turn him around and make him as asset to us rather than a pain in the ass.

The president of my company sent me a nice note expressing his appreciation for a job well done and in a professional manner.


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