Sep. 23rd, 2004

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The workouts are going well! I am not feeling the "buffness" I felt initially, though. Probably because my body is now more accustomed to working out and I do not "feel" my muscles as I did when I started. My muscles are getting harder, however. Yesterday I noticed a slight strut as I walked to the office from my car. I was reminded of my days on the racetrack when I was in professional-athlete form.

During my anaerobic workout I usually do a set of twenty curls with 35 pounds. Yesterday I did that set and at the end of the workout I thought I would go back and curl forty-five pounds as many times as I could. Ended up doing fifteen.

I do prefer the high reps and low weight than to high weight and low reps. I know, however, that when you stress your muscles they grow more quickly. The best way to achieve that stress is high weight.

I am disappointed that I am not losing weight as quickly as I would like. I seem to be stalled at 170. I desperately want to get down to 150 and then 135. Typical Aries - must do it fast! Bad, bad.

I have a hard time slowing down. I see myself making progress and I want it to go faster. Intellectually, I understand that my body doesn't respond in the same manner it used to, and that is a bit disconcerting.

Overall, however, I am feeling great. I can feel my body getting stronger every day. Now I really need to pay attention to nutrition.

That is another issue. Because of my racetrack experience, I discovered that I have an eating disorder. Back then, because I was a bit larger than most of the other jockeys, I had more difficulty keeping my weight below 100 pounds. Consequently, I found an MD who would prescribe amphetamines to help me control my appetite. Then, of course, I needed barbiturates to help me sleep.

One day, I realized that I would spend the next twenty years in this cycle. That and other events helped me to firmly decide to leave the track, go back to college and start a new life. I also quit smoking, cold turkey.

I also have a fear that I will miss a meal. Because I used to starve myself all the time now I typically overeat. Not good.

Jeez, I didn't expect to go into such detail! But, there it is. I'm a mess.

Before I forget, S., you asked about the machine I've been using, the cross-trainer. Go to the website and look for the elliptical machines. It is call a Cross-Trainer. I like this machine because I can use the cardio program to enter my specs (age, weight, ego, etc.) and the computer will increase resistance until my target heart rate is reached.

BTW, S. gave great advice about doing the anaerobic workout before the aerobic to make it easy for my heart rate to get up to peak. I like it. And I've been stretching. I just didn't tell you.

In sum, I need to get food under control - now.


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