Aug. 29th, 2004

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Most you may know, that I have been (when I was MUCH younger) a professional jockey and that certainly requires one to be in top physical form. Further, shortly after leaving the racetrack I began jogging and have run zillions of 10K races, five or six half marathons and even the NYC Marathon in 1982.

I am, or have been, very aware of how my body works and I know instantly when something is awry. At least, when I was in good physical shape.

For the past eight or nine years, however, I have been fairly sedentary. Only recently have I begun an exercise program that has me very excited - you've seen my posts to LJ.

During the past five or six years, I have experienced heart attack-like symptoms, including the pain radiating down my left arm, during physical stress. The pain dissipates after completely after a short while. I've seen many doctors and heart specialists, and I've had an angiogram to determine if my heart is not healthy. It's not my heart, say all the medical professionals. The TCM Doctor I've been seeing recently says it's blocked heart chi and his herbal remedies and acupuncture have seemed to help. So much for an abbreviated history - on to my question.

As I have been exercising every day for two weeks, I am starting to notice subtle changes in my body. It appears to be getting the message that I want to do the routines and it is starting to cooperate rather than threaten death if I continue.

One of the subtle messages is "the second wind." During a very recent workout, the second wind came quickly and easily and the workout was one of my best. The last time, however, the second wind came late and the workout was difficult - no, very difficult. And the pain in my chest went away grudgingly.

My question: could my chest pain be caused by my heart muscles resisting the transition to the second wind. My body muscles need oxygen and when it is not supplied, cause pain to get me to stop needing oxygen. What causes the resistance, and what can I do to reduce the resistance, if that is what is causing the pain?

I am going to post this to the B* email list for Doctor Jen.

Thank you for your help.


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