May. 13th, 2004

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I just completed one of the most thought-provoking classes I've taken in quite a while. The title of the course was, "Professional Ethics for Liberal Theologies" at United Theological Seminary.

The instructor was the co-pastor of Unity Church - Unitarian in St. Paul. She was fabulous. I rarely describe teachers that way. She began the first class by saying that she will only ask us questions for which she does not know the answer. That is exactly what she did!

I am still wondering if we (Pagans/Blue Star/Wiccans) share a liberal theology or a conservative theology. Anyways, we talked about abusive behavior, watched films, read books, explored confidentiality, talked about intimacy, ethics, and mandated reporter status.

During some of the intense discussions several classmates shared stories of abuse and/or breaches of confidentiality. Many of my classmates were in tears as some of the stories were dreadful.

One aspect of this particular class that has me perplexed: we were intimate with each other in that we shared personal experiences, fears and hopes. It was different than in the Blue Star context that I've experienced. Yes, we are intimate, and I suppose that I am used to that. I just didn't expect to experience that level of intense intimacy with a classroom full of "strangers", mostly GLBT, and me.

The atmosphere is welcoming there, too. A woman I was in class with last year said "hi, how are you" as if she really wanted to know. I am surprised by that. NYU was like a concentration camp by comparison: nobody gave a shit if you were there or not, more accurately, get the hell out of the way! Today, the Director of Admissions came over to me and initiated a conversation, and even remembered my name. Perhaps thats because I am most likely the only Pagan they have there. Yes, I was honest in my application for admission.

Just a few remarks...

I am looking forward to taking more classes.


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